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Cucumber Punk shirt

Cucumber Punk: Great bizarro from Pat Douglas and Bizarro Pulp Press!

On the fringe of an acceptable society, Pete’s a cucumber-headed punk whose thoughts of rebellion against the social order frustrate him to no end. Sometimes, there’s a shortage of tomato sauce. But there’s no shortage of fear for the Veg-heads, as they’re hunted down to satisfy the Norms and their consumer culture…

Art by Justin Coons



Hitchers shirt

Hitchers: More great horror from Pat Douglas and Severed Press!

Grayson Louisiana is such a tiny place you would never think twice when passing on highway 165. That’s what Greg Teeter wishes he had done when a series of unfortunate events leave him stranded in this quaint town.

In a fight for survival, plagued by dreams, there is no one to trust. Parasitic invisible monsters from another realm have been unleashed. The Hitchers aren’t the only thing trying to break into this world. Something much worse is forcing its way through. Something ancient and carnal. Will the dark secret be revealed in time, or will it be too late?

Art by Justin Coons


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